Teaching Spanish to immigrants

Review written alphabet

In June we finished the last chapter to show you learn to write Spanish albafeto and I have left all the month to practice. Now we want you to have all chapters on one page to repaséis. Here are: Chapter 1: Chapter lowercase vowels 2: Members capitalized Chapter 3: Lowercase alphabet 1 […]

The Spanish alphabet (S-Z)

Chapter 7 Latest video to learn the Spanish alphabet to write in large letters or uppercase. Finally! The last! 1. The image: 2. Video: 3. Pronunciation: Full pronunciation of the alphabet. 4. The complete alphabet in upper and lower case by: Neoparaiso.com Congratulations!!

The Spanish alphabet (K-R)

Chapter 6 This is the second video of the Spanish alphabet in upper. 1. The image: 2. Video: Just a video I is more!

The Spanish alphabet (A-J)

Chapter 5 In the next three chapters you will learn how to write the Spanish alphabet in large letters or uppercase. 1. The image: 2. Video: Luck!

The Spanish alphabet (ñ-z)

Chapter 4 Here is the second part of the Spanish alphabet in small print (minuscule). 1. The image of the letters: 2. Video: 3. The video to learn pronunciation: Full alphabet Courage!

The Spanish alphabet (a-n)

Chapter 3 After vowels, you have to learn the other Spanish lyrics. The alphabet we have divided into two parts, of the “a” a la “n” and “ñ” a la “from” and small print (minuscule) As always: First you have the picture of the alphabet (a – n). After the video to learn […]

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