Teaching Spanish to immigrants

Who we are

Founded in Palma by two teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, Spanish born in Active 2008, a non-profit organization with the aim of facilitating the integration of the immigrants in our city through the teaching of Spanish. Three years later, Active Spanish becomes a free website teaching Spanish for the same purpose: help integration through language teaching. To do this you will find here: exercises created by us, References to other pages related to the teaching of Spanish, online resources for you to study on your own and links to websites with useful information that can help in your day to day.



Decided to devote myself to this profession 1998 after completing the course of Spanish teacher for foreigners International House Madrid. That same year I moved to San Francisco and it was there where I started my journey, was quite an experience and I learned a lot.

From 1998 so far I've had the opportunity to teach Spanish in Spain and in other countries. Thanks to this I have come into contact with different cultures and ways of learning that have made me continue to enjoy this profession.

In 2005 I change the Mallorca, I started working there in Ih Palma and met Begoña. We worked together three years and, motivated by our desire to explore new career horizons, in 2008 We decided to create an NGO, Active Spanish, in order to assist in the integration of the immigrant through the teaching of Spanish.

A year later, fate brought me to Hanoi (Vietnam) so we had to rethink our idea of ​​NGOs adapting to Internet, medium allow us to continue working from a distance. The result of this process is the website of Spanish assets. I hope you find it really helpful and that our objectives are met as association.

From 2011 I continued traveling, living and teaching in different countries. In these years I have continued teaching and working in this web, but I've also learned more about how to develop websites and how to apply herremientas the web offers to improve the teaching and learning of my students.

Here you have two links to my websites private, one is mi blog about the countries where I have lived and the other is my website of teaching by skype. I am very excited about this new project but with E-active because we have had very good responses, Thanks to all!

In 1999 I did the course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language at International House Barcelona. I loved it and from day one I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to teaching Spanish. In 2000 I moved to San Francisco and took classes there for almost two years.

In 2002 returned to Spain and started working with International House Palma also teaching Spanish. When I met Delia in Palma 2005 connect quickly and saw that, apart from sharing experiences, Having lived abroad in several countries and even have worked in the same school of San Francisco, although in different periods, had very similar views on the teaching of Spanish and shared the same enthusiasm for our profession.

Thanks to new technologies, We have kept in touch these years that Delia has lived in Hanoi and have never stopped sharing ideas and projects. We are very hopeful to be able to operate this site and see fulfilled the objectives that led us to create our NGO 2008.



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