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La bella y la bestia

16 April, 2013 | No Comments

The other day I exercise created by Janine Suira lyrics “She and he” de Ricardo Arjona with me alumnus Ma'an. In the words of Janine, “Culturally the issue of immigration is, and in an indirect way on the situation of the United States and Cuba “.

He loved and, leveraging that live in Jordan, duties asked me to write another song with two countries in the Near East in which these antagonisms is appreciated. He chose Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

We found it so interesting and so well done that, with his consent, we decided to put it on the web to share these worldviews with you.
Here I add a document with the explanation of some word vocabulary and encourage you to create your own song! Vocabulary song Ma'an


She is from Jordan
He in Saudi Arabia

She salutes "Merhaba"
He answers "Salam"

Él lleva Thawb y Ghutra
Ella falda the jeans cuts

She wears heels and dance the Dabke men
The Ardha He dances with swords and drums

She drives a sports car
This thing is forbidden for

Her name is Jud
and he is called Saud

Jud come Hommos y Knafa
y Saud Belaleet y Kabsa

She speaks Arabic, English and a little German
He speaks only the language of the Qur'an

She smokes hookah at cafe "Rotterdam"
He believes it is taboo in Islam

She goes to the movies every Thursday
In your country, poor, no cinemas

She was talking to his friend at the bus stop
He can not speak in public with a girl

He saw her and fell in love
And she also worshiped

Bella y bestia son
But beauty is in the heart

Jud Saud and now live in "Madina"
Y Jew knows no nadie, except her husband and niece

She does not dance, do not smoke no more, and also wears a veil
But his new life seems good.


Creative Commons License
This work by Ma’an Obaidi and Español Activo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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