Teaching Spanish to immigrants

Students of the World

27 January, 2014 | 1 Comment

We release a new paragraph “Students of the World”. In it we want to publish the work you do you, our students. We believe that you strive so much and you do so well that it is a shame not to share it with other students and teachers of Spanish.

You will see that there is an introduction of students to exercise their, I enjoy it!

Ma'an Obaidi:

La bella y la bestia: poem

My life as a famous Spanish: PowerPoint presentation

Upon submission of “My life as a famous Spanish”, I had many ideas on how you could describe, but decided I should just stay with what actually explain the famous life you wanted. After, everything was easy and I started writing a summary of what we wanted to cover, as a list of the main activities at all stages of life. Major actions included: traveling to a new country, signing a contract with a club famous, learning a new language to better adapt to the new life and ending with having the life of my dreams.

Daoud douh:

A song of a dry river: short story that ends siendo maxi-story great.

Writing in Spanish is not an easy task for me; the top left ideas in English and then the Spanish voice came to me and I began to write more and more and more! Of course my sentences were one storm of errors, but thanks to my teacher and guide me always in tune them.

We look forward to your contributions!

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1 Comment “Students of the World”

  1. Robert Koranteg
    January 29, 2014 to 13:14

    Immigrants but since I am in my country Ghana. I want to teach those who want to learn Spanish for any radon. So I'm looking to start in full course. I have nothing but a Diploma in Spanish language and culture and when I can avanzare. Thanks.

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