Teaching Spanish to immigrants

Transcript “Presentations”

We followed the recommendation of one of our supporters, Juan Ignacio, and we have added the video transcript “Presentations”. So you have always close dialogue. Transcription: Transcript presentations. And remembering the videocast with link added: Presentations. Thanks Juan Ignacio!

The Spanish alphabet (ñ-z)

Chapter 4 Here is the second part of the Spanish alphabet in small print (minuscule). 1. The image of the letters: 2. Video: 3. The video to learn pronunciation: Full alphabet Courage!


Here's a new video. We teach you a possibility of informal presentation, are more likely, but always remember to give two kisses! Begoña introduces me to his sister. It's a familiar situation and give us two kisses. 1. The greeting: Among friends: Hello how are you? Response: Very well (two kisses) 2. The presentation: Tú you present: Nativity scene, […]


Numbers to hear and pronounce the times you want.


Las letters for listen and repeat the times you want.


Listening exercises to practice listening.

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